St Peter’s Episcopal Church – Edinburgh

Previously cold, whitewashed and inadequately lit, the interior of St Peter’s has been transformed with new lighting and a rich stencil scheme, based loosely on pictorial and uncovered evidence of the original 1860 scheme.

Lutton Place, Edinburgh

Full Description

Golden keys of St Peter interspersed with a Celtic knot symbolising the Holy Trinity animate warm red walls, adding a degree of richness and ecclesiastical seriousness.

Original banding found around the windows and dado has been re-imagined with a daisy chain – a light-hearted take on both St Peter’s chains and the existing floral designs within the ceiling and in the windows – whilst the stonework around the windows themselves has been treated with white limewash which has increased light levels and enhanced the stained glass.

BTA Chandeliers incorporating a ring of lamps in the nave and aisles light the pews and throw light upwards towards the beautiful but previously unnoticeable painted timbers of the roof.