The Art & Craft of Architecture

Our work relates to the hand as well as the eye; making buildings a pleasure as well as useful depends on satisfying all the senses.  A large proportion of our projects include the design of furniture and lighting.  We enjoy collaborating with artists, craftsmen and landscape architects from an early stage to produce unique work.

Art that is integrated into the building is a powerful tool in making successful projects; we avoid frames and plinths.  The Practice is good at commissioning a broad range of art, often resulting in innovative work which does not rely on standard solutions or choices.  We are familiar with carving and work in bronze and marble as well as contemporary media, always encouraging the best from the artists.

Craftspeople provide an enthusiasm that brings lasting satisfaction to clients and users.  Knowing how to commission it is part of the Practice’s work, and we challenge craftspeople to achieve the very best through dialogue and collaboration.  Many of the best craftspeople in the country working in woodmetalstonedecoration and plaster have collaborated with the Practice.