Repairs at Fountainhall Steading

Works to semi-ruinous Fountainhall Steading began with a thorough understanding of the history and development of the complex. A measured survey and investigations showed that the four sides dated to the 18th century and had been built separately for quite different uses.


Full Description

Work was staged due to a limited budget and began with clearing vegetation and consolidating the remaining structures to stop further deterioration, and with fitting a new secure gate with pass door.  We challenged the engineer and contractor to straightening a 150mm lean to a fragile wall of one of the derelict Cottages, rather than to re-built it.  Jacking the wall, underpinning it and re-pointing as necessary has preserved its character and patina.

The natural palette of materials reflects the simple rural character, and work carried out to the high standard appropriate for a building of this age.  Materials were re-used from site as much as possible, and second-hand stone and pantiles carefully sourced.

The Games Room was made watertight with minimum intervention: roof, chimneys and windows were repaired, a lime-crete floor laid and missing gable end rebuilt in timber as before with a new oriel window.  The adjoining lean-to greenhouse was re-constructed and is for our clients’ use as a plant nursery for their garden at Fountainhall, also formerly known as Penkaet Castle.