Mews Building – Windows & Stonework

Repairing the windows and rebuilding stonework to this Mews building has made a considerable difference to the area as well as the comfort of the occupiers.

Edinburgh New Town

Full Description

The windows were up-graded with double-glazed units and painted with Edward Bulmer azurite blue made entirely from natural products. The unsympathetic rooflights replaced with flush conservation style windows. This improved the thermal performance of the building noticably.

The Mews are an interesting part of Edinburgh’s New Town layout, designed for horses and carriages on the ground floor with hay and stable boys above, sited at the end of a main house’s garden.  They have ashlar masonry on the ‘back’ facing the house and rubble facing the lane.  Earlier alterations had spoilt this character and an applicaton to the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust for financial support was succesful.  The work completed within a very short timescale.