Edinburgh Steiner School – Growing Spaces

The Coach House is the first phase of a £9m Masterplan at the Edinburgh Steiner School.


Full Description

The brief was to build a physical realisation of the principals of Steiner education, with improved environmental credentials and to respect its history.  The newly created spaces include two classrooms for 25 pupils and two for 12 pupils, all designed for flexibility.

Children leave their mark on schools, from scribbles on desks to testing the resilience of furniture.  This project invited their contributions with the pupils actively involved in the design and build, most noticeably the colourful cladding, coat hooks and door knobs, as well as the beautifully inscribed stair.  Steiner’s ‘Curriculum of Colour’, boldly integrated, adds much distinctiveness to the extension.

A sensitive contractor was chosen who was able to work whilst the school continued to operate and who was happy to collaborate with the pupils.

Future phases include an additional chemistry laboratory, storage, entrance, a garden room and landscaping.