Gates & Ironwork

Gates can be important indicators of what lies beyond. Our gate and ironwork designs demonstrate the breadth of the Practice’s design capabilities, its depth of interest in fine craftsmanship and its ability to invent unique and appropriate construction details.

Colour & Pattern

We enjoy the use of colour and pattern and consider them to be powerful tools to make a building or space attractive and to highlight details and express the character of a space. Sometimes this is done in collaboration with artists and craftsmen.


The first impression is often given by the main entrance and door; it is usually the first part of a building people touch. What is appropriate is always different, except a sense of quality and good workmanship.

Furniture & Fittings

The Practice’s broad-minded approach to style and interest in materials and craftsmanship naturally includes the design and commissioning of furniture. This ensures that all the design elements are integrated into the overall scheme to produce practical and harmonious results.


A building’s ironmongery – its door handles, railings, locks and other fittings – is a ‘key’ aspect of detailed design which is usually not given the importance it deserves.  The door handle is often the user’s first point of physical contact. Ironmongery design offers the chance to create delightful and surprising details within the overall scheme: please see our illustrated …

Roofs & Ceilings

Roofs and ceilings provide protection, both physically and psychologically. They can make a space more interesting, feel larger or even cosier. We have challenged structural engineers to help us provide just the right roof in many instances.


Space is revealed by light, both natural and artificial. Good lighting is an aspect of design too often overlooked, but it can be the simplest and most effective way of making a building memorable. We aim to put light where it is needed and complement the architecture. Years ago, the Practice invented pavement lighting for the Fringe shopfront; we also …


The journey from one floor to another can give wonderful opportunities for experiencing the unfolding of space, and these may bring dramatic possibilities for surprising contrasts or unexpected visual connections. Designing a building almost always requires vertical circulation to be considered and if possible celebrated, and this can give great scope for imaginative design. The Practice delights in creating beautiful, …


Windows are the eyes of a building; they play an important role on the buildings appearance and frame the views to the outside. The beauty of windows is integral to the personality of many buildings.  Besides controlling the quality of light and ventilation, well designed and crafted windows can bring a lot of joy.


Our projects span from stonework maintenance and repairs to commissioning of new stonework and sometimes intricate stone carving. Our experience helps make the choice of the correct stone which is of importance especially with conservation work and where quarries have been closed. It is finding the balance between a good colour match and a good match in density. We have …