Obtaining Visas for Garesh & his mother involved meeting Alistair Darling, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (& local MP) at the height of the UK's Banking Crisis.  He could not have been more helpful, saying "I'd much rather try and help here where I might be successful!"  The special clay, which is collected off the desert after the monsoon, had to be released from Customs, who thought it might be an explosive material.

Kalpna - Indian Restaurant

St. Patrick Square, Edinburgh

This long established and internationally acclaimed vegetarian Indian restaurant is located in a B-listed building.  The Clients believe that the decoration should be changed every decade or so and requested us to re-fashion our previous scheme, in a manner as authentic and unique as their food.

The proposal was inspired by Indian architecture and art and in particularly mirrored Aablah work from Kutch in Gujarat.  The beautiful ornamental mirrorwork plaster inside and work to the external façade was carried out by expert craftsman Garesh and his mother.  Once the layout was agreed the work was done entirely by hand, avoiding religious references. 

The dimmable lighting was designed by Kevan Shaw Lighting Design, based on simple Ikea fittings which were then taken to India for decoration and brought back.