Springfield Parish Church

Springfield Parish Church in Fife asked us to alter their relatively plain church into an attractive, flexible and widely accessible place for contemporary worship and wider community use.

Springfield, Fife

Full Description

Removing the fixed pews allows for flexible services, play and events of all kinds.  A kitchen and other facilities hidden behind folding doors serves the space.

A broad coomb was introduced to help make an ‘enveloping’ space.  Lettering around the coomb by Artist and Calligrapher Susie Leiper provides richness and brings the height of the ceiling closer to the user.  The poem, selected by the congregation, reads “Bless to us O God, the sun that is above us, the earth that is below us, the friends who are around us – and the road that lies before us.”

To provide effective lighting, a special 8m diameter fitting with ‘lemon squeezer’ lenses was designed by the practice, with Mike Stoane Lighting and KSLD.  There are a variety of spotlights and lenses that spread the light, all programmed for different times of the day and for different functions.

The yellow colours of “eternal sunshine” were inspired by the stained glass and the contrasting colour choices are naturally dementia friendly.