Private House, Repair and Extension

A devastating fire in 2007 destroyed upper parts of the central block, along with the stair, Smoking Room and Library on the Ground floor and the Basement of this beautiful house dating back to the 16th Century.


Full Description

With limited funds available, it was decided to reduce the footprint to the central block and the two wings.  This provided a good sized family home and opened up light and views on two sides.  High standards of insulation were incorporated.

The large kitchen / Dining / Living Room in the centre forms the heart of the building.  A new stair turret leads to the bedrooms above.  The sitting room is now in the west wing with a new vaulted ceiling and fireplace in local stone.  The house now has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

The work was carried out as a series of contracts, giving flexibility to meet the Client’s needs.  A substantial saving on the budget provided sufficient funds to build a further small extension with an exercise pool.

“Made in Heaven” has been the client’s verdict!