The brief was to bring a large garden flat in a fine Victorian house up to African or Italian levels of thermal comfort and to make it a delightful home for the clients, their family and friends. 


Full Description

The building, by the remarkable James Gowans, is B Listed, and had been unsympathetically altered and then extended with a timber conservatory.

Gowan’s fine detailing along with the costs precluded extensive insulation.  Instead the solution was to make the Family Room comfortable with transferred solar heat gain from an innovative south-facing sunroom and leave the other rooms as they were.

The Sunroom was made of massive Scotch Buff sandstone with details and tooling that match the original house.   A new fireplace was made of Kilkenny limestone and fitted with an inset stove.  At the same time colour and wallpaper, lighting, carpets and upholstery was introduced to suit the possessions the Clients had acquired from a lifetime of working abroad.  The garden was also transformed with a sunny octagonal seated area located between two bay windows, cut out of a steep bank with new Caithness paving.