Cowane’s Hospital – Repairs

Cowane’s Hospital is Scotland’s finest Guildhall owned by the oldest charity in the country, originally designed by Robert Mylne, the King’s Mastermason (1630s), has undergone radical alterations on many occasions.


Full Description

The fabric repairs were based on a detailed Measured Survey and a Condition Report.  The re-harling in an historic colour has helped transform the building’s significance at ‘the top of the town’.

The conservation of the founder’s statue, by Graciela Ainsworth and with assistance from the Rijksmuseum & others, revealed evidence of the Civil War that raged around the site in the C.17th.  The re-slating included dendrochronological analysis of the timbers imported from the Baltic.  Other complex and intricate work included repairing the fine Shotts lamps and the Bowling Green’s fragile stone balustrading.