Ben was asked to give a lecture to the Lorimer Society on Wednesday, 12th November as part of a two day seminar entitled ‘A Dreamer of Dreams’ at the Playfair Library.  He was able to show that not only do we involve artists and craftspeople, but on occasion actually do the work too, just as Lorimer had done when he was an apprentice.

A superb book, ‘The Arts and Crafts Movement in Scotland’ by Annette Carruthers, has a good definition of Arts & Crafts architects as those who directly involve artists & craftspeople in their work.

‘This sumptuously illustrated, glossy and authoritative book is the most detailed account of the Arts and Crafts movement in Scotland written so far. . .Weighing in at no fewer than 404 pages, ‘The Arts and Crafts Movement in Scotland: A History’ is a delightful cornucopia, a jewel of a book and therefore arguably an Arts & Crafts artefact in its own right,’  Katja Robinson, PRS Journal