Devastating news about another historic building fire, this time at Notre Dame, Paris.  What a tragedy, and sad that suspicion for the cause points to current repairs.  It is fortunate that the magnificent stone vaulting largely survived, saving much of the interior, and hopefully the stained glass.  The drone picture is pretty remarkable, it shows the glowing embers of the oak roof timbers lying on top of the stone vaults.  The interior shows the vaults surviving the heat and flooding with water from the hoses, and where the timber spire came crashing down.  The crashing timbers will have damaged/destroyed a huge amount. But thankfully, it seems, the organs were to the sides.  The amount of water pumped in from the Seine will be a big problem; not just in drying out, which will take a very long time, it might cause some extra loading/local structural failure, and shattering from the spraying of water on the hot stonework.

Drone image ©AFP/Getty Images; Inside vault ©Philippe Wojazer/AFP